Lithium: The essential mineral you didn’t even know you needed

You care about your health, and you work hard to maintain it. You check the labels, eat plenty of fruit and veg, control your portion sizes, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water… but what if it’s still not enough?

The problem is, we live in a world overflowing with marketing schemes but devastatingly short on actual evidence. While marketers push every product under the sun, the FDA does the exact opposite – afraid of ever putting a foot wrong, it can take years to adopt new research.  

The only way to really do right by your body is to look beyond the FDA’s recommendations. To dig deeper and find actual research to guide what we put into our bodies. When you do, it’s surprising what you might find.

While lithium has been used as a medication for psychiatric disorders for decades, it’s only recently scientists have realized that lithium isn’t just a treatment – it’s a physiological necessity. Lithium provides natural neuroprotection and mood stabilization via unique mechanisms – and that’s why many scientists are now suggesting it should be considered an essential mineral

Myriad studies have demonstrated that lithium helps promote brain health by:

  • stimulating neuronal growth and proliferation
  • promoting normal neuronal protein synthesis and degradation of abnormal proteins
  • assisting long-term potentiation, a process that helps encode memories and learning
  • inhibiting processes that induce cell death, thereby improving neuronal survival
  • increasing serotonin levels, helping improve and stabilize mood.

No wonder increased lithium intake has been associated with better mood scoresreduced hospital admissions for psychiatric disorders, and lower crime rates. 

But the benefits of lithium may run deeper than we ever thought. In 2011, it was found that Japanese municipalities with higher levels of lithium in their drinking water had significantly lower mortality rates than their low-lithium counterparts. Not only that, but experiments with administration of varying levels of lithium in roundworms showed that worms receiving higher levels of lithium had significantly longer lifespans.

Lithium is no miracle cure – it’s simply a nutrient. But if you’re deficient, restoring a healthy balance can have a positive effect on happinessfriendliness, and energy. And the fact is, you probably are deficient. In the 1980s, the average American would have achieved a healthy lithium intake without even trying. But depletion of nutrients in topsoil and intensive water filtration have gradually stripped our food and water of lithium, to the point where our natural intake is now negligible. 

Sadly, the only way you can reliably obtain lithium is in the form of a supplement. A 2002 report recommended a daily lithium intake of 1 mg, and that’s exactly the dose you’ll find in an Essenta lithium capsule. The evidence for its benefits is strong, and with no expected side effects, why wouldn’t you give your body the benefit of this important nutrient

When we look beyond the surface, we can find new and important ways to improve our health, wellbeing, and ultimately longevity. What we’re talking about here isn’t a treatment. It isn’t a gimmick. It’s an essential nutrient that our brains evolved to utilize. And without it, your brain isn’t functioning optimally – it’s that simple. 

Your body has gone without for long enough. Improve the quality and length of your life with lithium.

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