About us

Hi, I’m Ben, founder of Essenta Health.

For me, looking after myself has always been a priority.

It’s simple: good health is essential for a happy and fulfilled life. Of course, that’s easy enough to say. But working out how best to look after yourself can be a real minefield. Everywhere you turn you’re bombarded by processed rubbish masquerading as health food, products claiming miracle weight loss, and labels that may as well be gibberish.

That’s why I started Essenta: I saw the need for a trustworthy supplement company.

It all started when I was searching for a 1 mg lithium supplement to add to my regime. Now, while lithium is not yet recognised as an essential micronutrient, the evidence is there to show its benefits, and 1 mg is the current suggested RDI. But do you think I could find anything under 5 mg?

That’s the problem with so many of the supplement companies out there. They’re so busy trying to cater to what they think their customers want that they don’t actually take the time to research what they actually need.

I want customers to be able to come to us for up-to-datereliable information and high-qualitytargeted products. I want to help people discover the nutrients they never even knew they needed. But above all, I want to give people the chance to make informed decisions about their health.

I’m the first to admit that supplements aren’t always the answer. First and foremost, we need a balanced diet. But what if that’s not enough? Many of the nutrients we’re starting to recognise as essential aren’t actually regulated or measured in most foods. That’s why we need to take it upon ourselves to make sure our bodies are getting everything they need to perform at their best.

Public policy always lags behind science – but you don’t have to.

It could be years before the government and the medical profession recognise the latest scientific evidence when it comes to micronutrients. Until then, you can rely on us to deliver timely updates on how you can use supplementation to maximise your mental and physical health – and the products to make it happen.

Your health is your responsibility. Make the most of it.

Yours in good health,


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